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    I'm down more than up

    What's going on guys? You're hosting was awesome for the longest time. But for these past few weeks it seems like my site is down more than it's up. Is this how things are going to be going from now on?
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    Random Unkown Host Errors

    I keep getting random access to my site. Every now and then I get through, but most of the time I end up with a server not found error. When I try to ping I get an unknown host error. I'm in Springfield, IL and this issue was reported to my be another person living elsewhere as well. The site...
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    Just a few questions

    I have a few questions to ask on remote linking. I read the TOS and can't find anything saying it's against them, but I don't want to abuse anything here. 1. I have a zip folder containing drivers for newer broadcom wireless cards, and I have linked to this from the ubuntu forums in a howto...
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    Information cpanel username: drkstng domain: package: adfree I don't have any e-mail accounts or mailing lists available. Both say "0/ " Saw somebody else with this problem in another thread. Thanks, D_S
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    Strange php problem

    Okay, I have one php page on my website. It's just to let users send me an e-mail. But for some reason the text on this page appears larger than the text on all the other pages. There is probably a really simple solution that I'm not doing, but I've never had this happen before. Anybody know...
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    Domain Change

    Hi, can anybody change my domain from to It said it was disabled for whatever reason. Thanks.