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  1. kanedxn71

    codebuttons gone please help!

    Easy solution to this matter. Use a better forum script. MyBB has its pros but i found that they do not out-weigh the cons.. :wink:
  2. kanedxn71

    So what do you think of my site?

    Its nice, but why use phpbb? The software itself is ok, but there is so many better free options out there now, :confused:
  3. kanedxn71 , Get your $0.25 bonus on registration !!!

    Every time i see a offer like this it always ends out badly or looks too good to be true. Earning money can never be this easy and obviously there will be a catch somewhere. So what is it? Making money in life is never as simple as, oh click an ad wait 30 seconds...BAM! Money in the bank!
  4. kanedxn71


    I was actually going to pick it up, but then i sold my PS3 and that was the better move for me at the moment. As great as BF3 looks, i see some guys in tesco the other day, business men, on their lunch break and they was actually buying MW3 on their lunch hour and talking about it like...
  5. kanedxn71

    My updated website

    The site does look, nice. However everything there could have been done in CSS and make the loading better, i have never liked flash sites, it always spoils the web.