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    urgent:Resource Limit Hit!

    cpanle login: freemcho website: issue: i keep on getting Resource Limit Hit! we removed the chat box we sent a ticket for support can this please be sovled fast
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    urgent: dns not working

    fixed admin close this
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    urgent: dns not working

    its not allowing me to add to my account freemcho it can an admin or mod please add the add on domain please error: Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:,,, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP...
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    Resource Limit Hit!

    i tried that before and the ticket got closed by them with no reply
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    please review my forum

    can you please review we wrould like to know ways to inpove our service we are hosted by x10hosting
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    Illuminated problem

    just rename you folder in cpanle to konsumopropio and your website might xome back but it will say that it con't add as my website is up but its says no pointing
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    Resource Limit Hit!

    cpanle login: freemcho website: issue: i keep on getting Resource Limit Hit! ever hour we don't have more then 2 to 15 users online at a time
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    starka back online

    go in to file manger you will see two folders one with the name your domain with the tld and one without you tld deleat the one with out the tld and rename the one with the tld to remove the tld part and it should work disclaimer: please check the folder before doing this.
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    starka back online

    please move this to news starka is now back online after about 30 hours downtime cpanle has bugged and its made a new folder please re point it to the right folder and your website will be back online
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    starka down

    starka is down the pings work with the server it looks like it needs a reboot as its httpd not working please reboot to solve issue thank you for reading mathew morgan admin
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    i have soem issues im trying to solve the mybb load bug im trying my best but i need help to lower the very high cpu and ram usgea as mybb has bugged out and i need help fixing the issue and mysql is down
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    what is the dns

    i need this to change the domin from a subdomin to a domin