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    A little complicated problem

    Let's say I have a script configuration like this: Explanation: I have to collect some data from a form on the page and pass it to a third-party server that will accept the data and return me an .xml file based on the data I sent. I then need to process the xml data, validate it with some...
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    Any EVE Online "junkies" here?

    I would like to know is there anyone here that plays EVE Online. If you play it, please don't post your in-game character name, maybe I'll be tempted to wardec you :) ... just joking... you can if you want to. Post here how long do you play and how are you playing it (highsec, lowsec pirate, 0.0...
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    PHP developer - new to this site

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone. I heard about this host (and great community on the site ;) ) from my younger brother who got into web design way before me, so now I must catch up with him :) Anyway, I plan to build php/MySql/XML driven community web service that will be...