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    Site Resdesign I've decided to redesign my site. I tried going for a simple look this time around. What do you guys think on the look? Oh and does the outline on images look good, or do you think it just looks awkward? There's only one page up at at the moment, that's the home...
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    Bad Company 2

    Is anyone going to get Bad Company 2? I'm pretty sure I will. I thought the first Bad Company was really fun. Oh and if anyone has XBL maybe we could play sometime. Here's my tag: xWMDx Joker So, yeah. Discuss the Bad Company series.
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    New Site Layout

    I don't know if any of you remember me (I'm the one with horrible color sense). Anyways, I've redesigned my site: The About link won't take you anywhere at the moment. As you can see I'm having some JavaScript trouble, but that's another topic that belongs in...
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    JavaScript 'this' keyword

    I'm trying to link images with JavaScript. This is what I'm currently doing: <img src="filepath" alt="alt txt" onClick=";" /> But I want to have a function to make it easier on myself. Here's what I've tried: [IN HEAD SECTION]...
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    Site Layout

    Hey it's me again. I've updated my site, I've tried to keep it simple.: I'd like to know what you think about the color scheme (is it too bright?), and the layout overall. And by the way I've decided not to support IE (might work though) since it would take me too much...
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    Making my site

    So I've just started making my website ( I'm still working on the design a bit, and I'll content later. And in case you're wondering why they're php files is because I plan on adding some php later. I just wanted to get some recommendations from you guys on how to...