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    VPN error 619 in Windows 7 Ultimate

    Anyone know how to fix error 619? I have 2 different VPNs (2 different websites) and both give me the same error.
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    Still no dedicated IP

    It's been 3 days now and I still don't have a dedicated IP for my VPN. What do I do?
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    Emails going to different folder instead of inbox

    I have my domain parked in my cPanel. I set up an email account using the domain ( It goes to its own folder in the mailbox (support@mydomain_tk). Can I get it to go to the inbox folder instead? I'm trying to set my email up on Windows Live Mail and unless I...
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    Safe Mode is on and has been proven

    I asked support why safe mode is on. They told me their favorite response, "safe mode is disabled on all servers". I investigated into this. They told me to enter the following script into a text editor and save it as test.php. I did this and it shows the server's configuration settings. When...
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    Trouble connecting to VPN (link to screenshot included)

    I followed the instructions on how to set up the VPN on my computer. This is what happened: (red outlines are what I clicked. for username, I used the username to log into I changed it to look like that so nobody has my username) SCREENSHOT What did I mess up with?