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    Hosting Domain Modification - Error Code: 1E9F63B0

    Hosting Domain Modification submitted June 20 at 9:04 pm WWZSOGKWT6PZ A change to your hosting account's primary domain A system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: 1E9F63B0 (domain already configured) ( I have added the domain before, but then...
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    Like my signature?

    Random pun Refresh the page ^^ Ill post the script too if you would like, the quotes, font, size, background image ect are easily editable Transparent Background - White Background - Edit - looks better...
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    Forum Signatures

    I would like your opinion on some signatures I have made for people about a year back honest x/10 please, you wont offend me because I myself dont think they are excelling in talent :wink: A lot of them are world of warcraft based *grimace* as I made them for a WoW forum :biggrin...
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    Add purchased domain to x10hosting

    I have added ns1 and nameservers to my domain To use it as my primary domain, do I just go to the hosting tab > modify domain Untick "Use an x10Hosting subdomain as my account's main domain" and type my domain in the box? I have heard something about having to change...