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    Can I point my X10 Domain to CloudFlare nameservers, to use Cache and CDN, and boost performance of my website? I have tried doing so but there are some problems. First, I want to ask isn't it allowed? I am using WordPress and the TTFB is sometimes very high, so I was trying to use CloudFlare.
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    Making Site Fast

    What are some of the recommendations to make WooCommerce (WordPress) fast and get at least 85% Percentage Performance Score in Lighthouse?
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    Resolved Imagick Support for PHP 8.0

    Imagick, a PHP Module, is installed till PHP 7.4 in your hosting. Can you please install this module to PHP 8.0 as its recommended by WordPress for its best performance.
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    Disk Space Upgrade

    Please can I have a disk space upgrade?
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    Resources Limit

    I am using WooCommerce (WordPress) and in DirectAdmin (Resource Usage), I am seeing that Resources are being overused. You have reached the limits within the past 24 hours CPU resources limit was reached for your site I/O usage resources limit was reached for your site Any way to fix this...
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    Magento Error

    I installed Magento in my website: Newer versions were not installing because of insufficient space. Can I have a disk upgrade to 1.5 GB or more? I tried installing old version of less space, which shows 503 Error. What can be done to use Magento?
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    Upgrade Disk Space

    Please upgrade by disk space