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    Weird CPanel problems

    Hey When I try and log in to CPanel and CPanel services it often displays a message telling me that my IP address has changed, and prompts me to enter my username and password. This happens A LOT. When I am finally logged in, no formatting seems to be applied to the webpages. They have plain...
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    name server change

    Hello I found a proxy/security site called cloudflare that supposedly will clear out unwanted traffic to your site. To use their services, they require me to change my name server settings (NS1.X10HOSTING.COM, NS2.X10HOSTING.COM) to theirs. However, I'm not sure what exactly this means. Is it...
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    Missing database tables

    Today I checked out my website for about the first time this week. It\'s still in development so I\'m not rushed or anything. I noted that I got database errors that I never used to get. Then I logged into my cpanel and noticed that my database was all messed up. Only my forum tables remain. Is...
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    AJAX help

    Hey. I'm busy with an AJAX script for filtering out usernames when typing a username into a text box. What happens is that when you start typing in a username into the text box, it takes the characters in the box and matches it with what is in the database and then returns the results. But...
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    VPS vs Premium

    For a dynamic website with lots of traffic, which is the better option? VPS or premium? How many users would premium be able to handle simultaneously (any rough estimate from someone who knows would be appreciated)? The website in question has at least one large SQL statement PER PAGE to execute...
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    Website safety help request

    Hello. I'd like some help from someone experienced with technical details behind html Post and Get methods. Currently my website has user groups with different privilege levels. These privilege levels determine what a user will or won't be able to do. This is stored with other user information...
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    What do you do for a living?

    Thought it would be interesting to see what people here do for a living (besides web development - unless that is all you do). I'm a student in Stellenbosch (south africa). Currently studying for a bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering - 3rd year out of 4. Also working on...
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    PHP server time to local time

    I'm having an issue converting server time to local time. On my website I have a board where members can post messages. Nothing fancy, but it also displays the time the user posted the message. The time is saved as a timestamp value in my mysql database (I just use the field's default value...
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    Help request: Prevent duplicate accounts

    Hey guys. I know there is no perfect solution for this, but I'd like to hear what the best solution is to my problem. The website I am working on requires that user's do not have duplicate accounts. This is very important to me as it could be beneficial to certain users if they have more than...
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    Integrate MyBB forums with your website

    Hi! I recently had the need to integrate my myBB forums with my website (such as logins and other user info). I found this to be a short and elegant solution. I tested this in mybb version 1.6.1, and it worked on Chrome and IE 8. I believe it works in FF and Opera too. This is a php solution by...
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    Setting up relationships in phpMyAdmin

    I hope this is the right place for this thread. I was wondering if it's possible to set up relationships for my database using phpMyAdmin on this server. If so, please direct me because I have been looking for it and cannot find it. Thanks a lot
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    MySQL error

    I don't mean to come jump to the forums and complain, actually not complaining at all :) Just wanted to inform that I'm getting a MySQL error: MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. SQL Error: 1105 - #07000(proxy) all backends are down Query: [READ] Unable to...
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    resource tracking

    Is there anyway I can track my CPU resources usage etc? Right now I'm still just in testing phases and still have 99% work left before I can launch my site (in which case I'll switch over to premium). But I'd like to have an idea of how much resource I'm using, as I don't want to overburden the...
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    Https support

    I have a free account and I was wondering if I could use https on my website as I will need secure connection because I will require sensitive user information on my site. I've read somewhere in the forums the you do not get https with a free account, which is fine as I'll move over to a premium...