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    How fast is your Internet?

    I have fast internet at the moment because I'm behind a university firewall, but in my experience in Europe and the Middle East telcos sell people 3 - 12 meg internet, but I've never seen anything that actually goes faster then 1 meg. I'm using bytes, not bits here though.
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    Adobe Flash Player

    But html 5 with css3 and a bit of javascript can do all that flash can.
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    Windows or Linux?

    Linux works better. Windows is so non-compliant to standards.
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    I thought it was interesting because it's got the google domain. There's no way workplaces will block google, as they have done to facebook
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    iPad 2 is coming

    The ipad 2 is alright, although I'll be waiting for iPad 3 for retina display
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    iPad 2 is coming

    I can't wait. I don't own an iPad 1 atm, but I'm hoping that iPad 2 will be a bit cheaper