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    How to sell my eBook?

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    Problems Setting up Formmail

    Formmail using PHP coding error I have set up my contact page using php and I had it working sending the email to my web mail and then forwarding it on to a second email account. I changed the code as my form has an email field and a verify email field. Now even if the email address is the...
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    Problems Setting up Formmail

    thanks descalzo guess that could be some of my problems :biggrin: so I guess the other option is php?
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    Problems Setting up Formmail

    I'm having issues with setting up form mail. The contact page is: here This is a test site until all the site is finished then I will uplaod to the new host server. I have set the cig-bin folder permissions to 755 and the formmail.cig to 644 but I get a message as follows lscgid...
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    Problems with Horizontal Image Scroller

    I have a Horizontal Image Scroller on the home page of a web site that I am building but I am having a couple of issues with it. First on monitors over 20" the scroll bar is cut off on the right side. I want this scroll bar to fit whatever montior size is used. On my 22" monitior there is...
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    Check out my site. I'll review yours if you review mine (character battle site)

    You need to check your text for spelling and grammer errors
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    Best alternative to Flash?

    Thanks for all the ideas. I did try converting my swf in swiffy but not everthing came through. The images and the transitions were ok but the imbeded music was ommited from the swiffy conversion. The code seems very complicated and I'm not sure where to look or how it code back in the music.
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    My updated website

    love your web site and your work!! Fabulous!!
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    Best alternative to Flash?

    I have built a few web sites and have used flash intros. In the past I used Coffee Cup Flash Firestarter but it is no longer supported and any swf's created in Firestarter will no longer work in Adobe's flash player 11 so I have to redesign those sites. I'm open to any suggestions except using...
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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    I use 3D-FTP (Version 9.06) and love it. Works with all Windows including 7 and with both 32 bit and 64 bit OS
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    Anyone know the name of this song?

    Basshunter......All i ever wanted -is the song
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    Colour Recommendation Resources?

    Colour is definitely a "personal" preference.....but if you go to most paint stores they have colours listed in categories like warm, cool, hot, etc. I think that the colour of a web site should have some relation to the content. If the site has a company/product logo then the colours of that...
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    Where can i find the latest technologies in computer?

    Tom's Hardware...latest hardware and reviews
  14. D is now live.

    One suggestion for all web sites. One should avoid including a link to an email address as it leads to a lot of spam. Instead include a contact form page. On my monitor there is a noticable line in the header graphic just to the left of the top contact email logo down to about the "C" in...
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    Help me to Develop My Website

    you can try this link for tutorials for Dreamweaver CS4 For an Adobe product I don't find it too hard to use. A basic knowledge of CSS and HTML helps.
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    Bakery Site #2

    I like the colour, very nice site. If I was in Tantallon I would stop in to buy bread just because you have a nice clean and tidy web site!!
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    what's the best FTP client?

    I use 3D-FTP...and WS_FTP them both.
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    just launched my website. how can i improve

    To avoid the spam bots you could make a contact form. This way there is no email address shown. Site is good but get a bit more "meat" on it. If you are selling shirts you should have a bit of a product description (ie...a description of the fabirc, style, colours etc.) It would be nice to have...
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    Free Hosting Uptime

    Just a quick thanks to Corey and x10 for a great complaints here....
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    check this out - Google Music Search tottaly legal

    this is just a java script applet that is in reality the same as doing a google search for an album, song, or artist..... but yes it works for me.....