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    What can you do with a VPS?

    I'm attempting to get a group that I work with to move their web hosting to x10Hosting. For now, our needs are very small and can be filled from the free services or the lowest-tier paid plan. However, the group also plans to run a MUD (a real-time, persistent text-based game) further on down...
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    The Pirate Bay Verdict!!!

    While I admit that I'm often first in line when it comes to cutting financial corners, I think its a little despicable that the Pirate Bay has gotten so much support. No, torrents are not inherently evil; however, the Pirate Bay intentionally sets itself up as a digital black market and does...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I've been running Windows 7 64-bit on my desktop for about a month. We recently moved into a new apartment, so I decided to just wipe the thing and stick the RC on it and use it as a torrent/media machine. :) It hasn't had any hick-ups; plays demanding games fairly well, runs better than...
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    Hello Everyone!!

    Welcome! I'm glad you've found what you've been looking for! I haven't seen anything beat x10. Glad to have you be a part of the community.
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    100% protected template?

    I've heard of breaking pages up into tiny images. The problem I see with that (and with using Flash) is that it really isn't appropriate in all cases and can even be considered bad design. Believe it or not, not everyone has high-speed just yet, or care to install specialized players. :)
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    WTF? - Walmart refuses sale

    Yeah, I managed to find out that walmart has a policy to card everyone in a group if one person is buying alcohol -- including parents who are brought their own children in with them; I can understand the reasons behind it, but I was more or less peeved at the way it was handled by the employees...
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    WTF? - Walmart refuses sale

    Okay, so I'm looking for a bit of legal advice here as to what my rights are; of course, I'm not expecting super accurate information because I'm not contacting a lawyer, but if someone knows something I don't, I'd gladly like to hear it. Tonight, me and my roommate decided to go to Walmart at...
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    Where to find services...

    Hello guys. I've got paid hosting here at x10, but I'm not really using the space at the moment. Well, at least not to its full potential. This is mostly because I am not a web designer and I couldn't use MS Paint to save my life. Currently, the purpose for which I got the site hasn't come...
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    Anyone like Pokemon anymore?

    Pokemon's still kicking. I recently downloaded an emulator and got the new Platinum edition; it's got some snazzy features and graphics upgrades. The problem is that the series is just getting plain old. How many more Pokemon can you honestly add before they all start looking alike? And as...
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    Anyone enjoying Left 4 Dead?

    Aw, man. :( This week and next marks the finals for my semester. That, and I'm getting a new job AND moving AND juggling tight finances... but man, when the dust settles... I can't wait to try out the new DLC for L4D. :D
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    microsoft expression web

    I have used both Web Expressions AND Dreamweaver. I am also going to go out on a limb and just assume that the OP is NOT a dedicated/profressional web designer and that they may be planning on using the software to build their own personal website. If this isn't the case, I apologize: * Web...
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    College Student needs something to do...

    Yeah, I do, but the Arizona desert is a little too hot and dry for me to be outside for too long.
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    College Student needs something to do...

    I am a student in Tempe, AZ studying game development, software engineering, and artificial life. I do not, however, have a job and am looking either for a way to supplement living costs (I'm spread more than just a little thin on money.. :( ) or for volunteer work where I could later earn a...
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    mods and global mods neede

    Your site was unreachable when I tried to visit it. I am, however, interested in finding part-time work moding or doing other small tasks if you will have the site up soon.
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    Will you keep on getting free software?

    I pirate proprietary development software (Adobe, for example) because I am a software-engineering student and do not have the cash to even come close to affording this software (not even the student editions). On top of this, there are often restrictions to the usage of the student editions...
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    ActionScript 3

    Alright, so, I've officially bit off more than I can proverbially chew this semester, and I need some straight-forward direction. I took a class in game theory, which, to my utter surprise, was actually a class based on the creation of a functioning Flash-based game. No biggie, except I've...
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    The Ultimate Goal of Life

    Who didn't see this coming? :P Well, let's just accept the facts: 1.) At the most basic, simplest level, anything is possible; our understanding of existence is limited to ideas that are strictly bound to methodologies (such as mathematics) that we as a species created to explain our...
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    The Ultimate Goal of Life

    The purpose of life is to not know the purpose of life; you are given free will to determine how you will use this short time on Earth that you have -- for better or for worse. The actions you take and the way you treat the people and world around you will shape history in ways you will never...
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    Your forecasts of the hot IT technologies of 2009

    I think Linux will continue to do what it's been doing. The leader in that boat seems to be Ubuntu, and I don't know if its going to become "awesome" within the next year (and yes, I use it -- it is quite newbie-friendly). I think Apple launching a game machine would be.... irritating. But...
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    The Medicine, The Doctor...They DON'T HELP..

    Whoa, okay. First off, let's look at what is really being percieved as evil here: doctors choking their patients financially, particularly through the cost of medication, or just taking advantage of patients. I can safely say here that this is a very real problem, at least in my household...