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    Problema con mi pagina

    Bueno.. primero de todo... vaya ^^U soy el primero en escribir en el foro español :biggrin: (y bueno.. gracias por haberlo hecho ^^) y bueno... solo era para decir que yo todavia no puedo acceder a mi web.. y ya hace mas de un mes de eso.. aqui os dejo los datos: y a ver... esto ya lo...
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    Full Backup from Cpanel (???)

    well... as you can see here ( recently you have terminated my site and all files has gone... Then I applied for a new site and now I already have it... luckily, I made a full backup from CPANEL on 31-5, but now I have a question: 1.This...
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    well... I'm a old member of x10hosting but I amb introducing me for the bypass ^^UUUU eerm... my name is drai, I'm from spanish and I'm 18 and... I don't know what to say XDD I already have a site but yesterday was terminated and I don't know why T__T (i did not violate any rule) so... I...
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    There is no website configured at this address???

    When I go to my web ( theres a message: There is no website configured at this address. what happen?? my web was deleted?? or it is suspended?? why?? I log in on cpanel almost everyday, and I have the ads on all pages... then... why my web was deleted??? EDIT...
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    Password reset

    Domain : Hosting plan : X10 advanced E-mail : Reason : I need a new c-panel password. Thanks
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    my web doesn't exist??

    these days I can't enter in my web (, at first I thought that there was a server problem, but now I have seen that other webs are online, then... was my web suspended??? why?? And if my web was suspended, then I'll have to put this: cPanel Username: draikun...