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    Upgrading to Prime

    Is there an update on this? I also wanted to get Prime for 1 year that was advertised as $4.95 but after entering my credit card information it said it was going to charge me $7.95.
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    30 min downtime

    Hi everybody, First of all, this is NOT a support request. I've been with x10Hosting for about a week now (free hosting) and I quite like it so far. I am using to monitor my website (mainly out of curiosity, I don't have any important stuff stored there) and yesterday I got a...
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    Website cannot be accessed

    Thanks for the quick reply. Clearing the browser cache was necessary. Now I see the site too :)
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    Website cannot be accessed

    Dear Madam or Sir, I have just created a free hosting account with you and am eager to try it out. I have my own domain,, and I am using name servers from (I do not want to change those). After creating the account, I changed to domain to and I created...