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    Do you love or hate: OS blog themes?

    My opinion on this one is pretty neutral. Indeed, they lack alot of originality from the creator's side. On the other hand, they give the user something to familiarize with, and when done right, makes the site/blog easier to navigate. The same can be achieved by placing your navigational stuffs...
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    The right age to get married?

    i chose 25-30, mainly because it's the age where you finish college and/or start doing a serious job. When you ( and your partner) are able to sustain the family financially, then you can start a family without any worries ( except for the usual issues marriage and children bring along) ;)
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    Ideal video game?

    Replayability is the key word for this question. I very rarely touch modern games i've pleyed trough, however, you can easily catching me playing on my olde SNES. It's hard to explain, but older games focused on sheer fun and gameplay, while modern games try to wow you with graphical effects.
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    Fallout vs. Oblivion

    That wasn't always the case. Bethesda took over the place Black Isle used to have ( being the developer). In my opinion, this caused the great downfall in the Fallout series, since otherwise, they woulden't have used the same engine Bethesda made for oblivion. I'd have to go with Oblivion ;).
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    What Should Be In SSB4?

    I think the new SSB needs some more online capabilities. I don't like playing the same bunch of quitters over and over again :nuts: Also, if we can have characters like Snake and Sonic, why not add Megaman or some Final Fantasy characters? Edit: Also, no reason to underpower sonic that much :P