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    woah this place is looking brilliant. I cant wai to see what is happening to the new site.
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    Want 500 Credits?

    I signed up as Reglus. The site looks quite awsome and I can see the use of this site. I cant however see any bugs or faults so far. It all looks like it flows well and works. However when i go onto the orders and payments page i get a message that says [/CENTER] Well done tho on the site.
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    Help with master detail page

    plese can someone help?
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    Forum Game <Wish>

    Wish granted but then you get mugged for every penny. I wish php was easier
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    Review my site!

    awsome site. By any chance is thi s template you have made in photoshop and then just used image mapping to make the links work?
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    New template! Please review!

    I must say that is quite awsome but there are a couple of things you could do. Make a background where all of the content will be and then under that make another one to make it look like your website is appearing ontop of somthing. Example: This is my site...
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    PHP or HTML?

    I totally agree with you. I am very god with html after learning it but I have just moved onto php. Woah I wasnt prepared. Thees so much to it. Its not similiar to html atall and you also need to know a nit of mysql to get most things to work. :thefinger
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    Help with master detail page

    Hey i am creating a master detail page in dreamweaver and using php. I have made it but i have an error that is when i use the page and then click on one of the links in the dynamic table it is meant to show me records from my mysql database. However it is just coming up with this error...
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    Look Good Food Review

    I havnt had a review on Look Good Food in a while. A lot has changed since it was last reviewed and I just want to see that I am going in the right direction. I am currently working on content and other things as you can see listed below. - Content - Fully working member system - Fully php...
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    Cant login

    I am unable to login to my cpanel. Whhen i enter my username and password i just get red text above the log in form that says login failed. Username: reglus
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    Look Good Food Re-Review

    I posted a review request for my website a while ago. It got answered with good comments. It has now been improved extreme amounts so i thort I would put it in for review again. Hope you like the new design.
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    free forum software

    I ahve been looking inot intergrting a forum inot my website and I was just wondering what the best free forum software would be the best to use if i was to do this. I have looked at smf and phbb and phbb has been the best by far from my research. however I have heard that there are some...
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    Look Good Food Review This is my newest site. Its still under construction and I was just wondering what I could do to the design of the site to make it look more professional. All comments welcome.
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    Urls Broken

    Please delete this problem solved.
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    Newest Site

    This is my new site Look Good Food. It is an online cooking community. Its still in its beta stages so things will be changing. please comment.
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    Connecting to datbase

    I am currently trying to connect to my msql database throguh dreameaver but somehwre i am going wrong. Below is what I put in. Connection Name: DBconnect MySQL Server: ? (please help me with this bit) Username: no problem Password: no problem Database: reglus_lookgoodfood if you need...
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    Hey I am new and I am brining a website called Look Good Food. this place looks good and from the looks of it I will be staying.