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    Funny videos, Cartoons, and Animation website review

    Hello All, We would love to hear what you think of our new Funny Videos, Cartoons, and Animation website: Plonk And if you'd like to give us a Facebook like, tweet, or G+1, that would be more than appreciated :redface: !! Many thanks!
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    Need help with starting off my website

    This page has a lot of good links...specially for a newbie ;) html tutorials, scripting how to's, page testing, page optimization, keyword analyzers, hosting help docs, etc.: Webmaster Toolbox That's how I found this site btw ;) Hope it helps!
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    Microsoft Advertising PubCenter, any comments?

    Microsoft Advertising PubCenter, any comments? We've been looking at this for a couple of weeks now, and to be honest, we are a bit confused with what they are trying to do here...:confused: Is this only an option for those wanting to promote Windows apps? What is going on with Microsoft...
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    We've updated the navigation bar, increased the font sizes of the pages where it was too small. Increased the title size on the front page to make a bit more readable, and a whole bunch of little details. Northline Web Services Thanks for all your great feedback guys!
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    Hi Ellescuba, great observation! It's now in the change request queue, thanks for that sharp eye :-)
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    Hi ellescuba and xaoskitty for your feedback! Indeed, the tux logo stands out a bit, we'll take a look at that. We have made some modifications though based all you guys' great feedback! The How it works tab, we have changed it and now it has both cycles, website design and ebook...
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    We've added some exciting new Example Website sections to our site! Example: Beauty, Wellness, Hair Salon, Medical related Website Example: Corporate, Business, E-Learning Website Example: Restaurant, Night Club, Bar Website Example: Art Gallery, Music Album, Book Promotion Website E-Book...
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    Link Exchange with PR1 tech blog - haktech

    You might want to check on that css, your text is falling on the right hand side.
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    Hi cybrax, Thanks for your comments and feedback! We have redone the whole fonts set up, apparently there was a problem with a style tag, but it should be fixed now across all browsers. Please let us know what you think of it should look VERY different! Thanks!
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    Thanks for your observations Sharky! We have corrected the fonts issue, how does it look on iPad now?
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    Link Exchange with PR1 tech blog - haktech

    Where would you place the link? Thanks
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    Help with getting images to load on site

    Which images are you having problems with? it look OK from here....
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    It works fine from here a bit too loud ;)
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    Free Cron Jobs Services

    Great idea for a site!
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    Hello All, We would love to hear your comments and feedback: Looking forward to your comments! Thanks