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    Please Help Me!

    Can anyone say me how i add my own domain in x10hosting. X10hosting allow me to use my own domain without upgrading. How can i do it? please say me.:eek: sorry if this post is not right for tutorials:tongue:
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    Google Adsense

    Google doesnot allow PTC sites and also it look like you just advertise your referral Lnks.
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    Why you use scam PTC sites?

    From many days whenever i surf on traffic exchange sites. I see ptc sites promoted by user which are already scam.:frown: why they doesn't know that this site scam and doesn't pay now. If you are also in this group then stop:mad: and get live latest update about which site is paying which is...
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    PTC Monitor! Don't Waste your time in sites SCAM

    Its cool but i like ptc-investigation.com8) ---------- Post added at 07:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:47 PM ---------- onbux is scam site check here
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    Its interesting.8)
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    Top Paying PTC

    Your site is so cool. Can you say me how you build this website. Which script you use? please say:)
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    Which script is best for blog?

    Can anyone say me which blog scrip is best?
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    Hi friends add me as your friend. Thanks to visit my page.

    Hi friends add me as your friend. Thanks to visit my page.
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    Do You like Waffles?

    I also like
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    Top Paying PTC

    I get $5 two time payments in only 3 weeks from . This is Paying PTC with guaranteed. only $2 upgrade and get $0.10 instant payment. This is best PTC for me join now. To know more about these PTC Sites visit us now PaymentProofs also 8)8)8):smile: