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    Delete my account alexstar

    Staff, pleace delete my account!!!' Details... Domain: username/cpanel username: alexstar Password both are same: lol123 email: Thank you!:confused:
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    Internet speeds

    It depend on day in my! Now i have 1 mb down!
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    Im jordn

    Hi Jordn, Welcome to x10hosting! Enjoy your stay here!
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    Internet speeds

    Very slow in me around 1 mb down
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    How to earn fast in Google adsense?

    Just take look in google and search!
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    Review my site. eForums

    NOt bad forum, what it has about?
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    Review my site

    Sorry, i cannot view that errer come on
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    please review my social network app

    Ahaa, what theys eyes means in box! Great site!
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    need help. thanks for everyone

    Very orange, and white its not good but its has cool desgns!
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    The Geek Froum

    Cool, not bad! Keep going your work!
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    Logo Design Ideas

    Thanks for this, its are good!!
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    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    Creat collections, i look all and take one off!
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    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    Well, day has pst normal,walking outside with dog!
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    Whats your internet quality & speed?

    It good if has stapile and ping hs not over 50, upload speed is also important!
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    How fast is your Internet?

    Good results you are guys, i quess its are very difirent to use diffirent surfer programm!
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    Windows or Linux?

    Windows + but linux is also good but yea none so great and has add free options like in windows!
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    Internet Browser

    FireFox is best but best is also Chrome both are great but must best of best its FireFox!
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    Free Software Suggestions

    IU hawe used long time free conventer sutch name Format Factory, can convert almost every file videos, images, music, iso what ever!
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I hawe windows 7 and its look fantaastic cannet get better windows what 7! Great!
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    Post your specs

    Good speck guys!