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    FTP error when trying to upload my updated my website

    It states, "an error occurred whilst trying to get the working directory from the FTP server" Please advise
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    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I use it for our village community site, as a complete novice I have found it very easy and have appreciated all the support.
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    Cpanel not loading

    Hi, I have been trying to access my cpanel account without success. I log on but only a small portion of the left bar opens. Is the server my account is on being serviced or is there another problem? My account is Thanks for your support.
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    Error 552 Disk Full

    I have just tried to upload my edited site and got an error message, last line read, 552 Disk Full. I have tried again and now I am getting a timed out message. Any advice or information on the problem would be appreciated. KInd Regards
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    Unable to login to CPanel

    Thank you. I have reset my passwords and everything is hunky dory. Many thanks:wink:
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    Unable to login to CPanel

    I have tried to log in to the CPanel with the username and password I have previously used (i.e. not the forum ones) but to no avail. Feel like I am going nuts or having seriously bad senior moments.:frown:
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    Unable to login to CPanel

    I am unable to update my website, via the FTP account. It is telling me that my password is not valid. I cannot login to the CPanel either. I do not remember changing my password, please advise.
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    Cannot login to Account Control Panel

    Hi I am having a similar problem but the error code is DEADBEEF. My website is not loading either. Thanks
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    Don't understand suspension.

    My account was suspended yesterday for inactivity, I undid the suspension, checked the forum out and yet the account was suspended again today for the same reason - I obviously didn't keep it open long enough. Can I just long on, wander elsewhere on the internet, come back and log off or do I...
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    What is a Nominet IPS TAG?

    I apologise first for my total lack of knowledge, however I have created a new website for our village which is hosted, very successfully, at X10. There is an old website created by another who has stated that he will transfer domain ownership to me but he needs my Nominet IPS Tag. Please tell...