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    Email is non-functional.

    I can receive email on boru, but I can't send anything, I get this error: Service not available, closing channel 421 Unexpected failure, please try later
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    Certain users cannot access site.

    I'm making a little gaming site for me friends here using the e107 website system. Some of them cannot access it, they get an x10 Hosting site not found error. I am on the Boru server. Any reason as to why they can't connect? The problem is not localized, it's definitely on the server end.
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    Email doesn't work

    If this is the kind of technical support I get here (I submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago, still no replies), then x10hosting will be the last place I'll decide to order hosting from. Nothing but negative reviews support wise for this site, they couldn't care less for their clients.
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    Email doesn't work

    I am using the e107 website system with a php user registration system. In order to register users, it needs to be able to send out an confirmation email. Unfortunately, the email services provided with Cpanel do not work. I have created the address, and have tried to send messages right from...
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    Cpanel/Domain not working.

    (No I am not an admin, just a tag from something else that I didn't remove, my apologies.) Hi, I made an account, and it doesn't seem to be working. I go to my webpage ( and it says that the page still available, and has not been activated. And when I try to log into the Cpanel...