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    Question about inactivity timer

    AAAAH *that* control panel :P not the one on my hosting account.. sigh stupid dog I am.
  2. bugfinder

    Question about inactivity timer

    As said in first post, it no longer shows as an option but nothing actually seems to say its been applied either :)
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    Question about inactivity timer

    I dont have a paid subscriptions option :P Account Panel Home Notification Inbox Modify Your Account Change cPanel Password Upgrade PHP Version View Suspension Report Account Upgrades Get Advertisement Codes Community Forums Support Center Open a Support Ticket Knowledgebase...
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    Question about inactivity timer

    Hiya, Quick question - other than it no longer shows as available on account upgrades, is there anyway to confirm the inactivity timer freeze has been applied to my account? As the cpanel says Im close to suspension :P I just wondered and all.
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    disabled the PHP mail function

    What error do you get?
  6. bugfinder

    File upload stopped by extension

    Whats the file extension?
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    Problem With Websites Default Page

    I dont, I see your site - Im guessing then its cached on your PC. Might want to clear your web cache then
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    Help please!

    what does it say? its coming up for me.. if you go to do you see a welcome page? If not, flush your dns (if you dont know how have a search on the forums)
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    mysql database problem

    Depends how you went to make it, if you tried via cpanel (not phpmyadmin etc) then you probably have a static account, or, you've filled your quota..
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    set_time_limit() has been disabled

    It wont get enabled, the time limit is there to prevent any one hogging the server for an exessive period of time. Its also not an error, only a warning, the script can still most likely run as long as it completes before the x10 limit is reached.
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    Where are my SQL Databases?

    its "localhost" thats the name of the machine you should connect to
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    Help please!

    When you log into the page you need to login with your forum detials, not the hosting details. Did you do that?
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    Cannot connect to my FTP

    FTP is up and running, most likely there are a few reasons why it wouldnt work. 1. You have a firewall blocking you from ftp on your pc / local network 2. You have successfully blocked yourself with our firewall for too many connections. 3. There is a fault on the internet between you and the...
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    domain name change

    I get " could not be found" so, that wouldnt help it work. What is a good idea is if you keep your main domain to be an x10 one (as that should always work) and then park the new domain you want on your site, this acts like an alias but means if for whatever reason it doesnt work...
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    about adding personal ads

    You can ad your own personal ads where you like, however, dont forget to add our ads :)
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    Problem with site

    Was your account ad enhanced?
  17. bugfinder

    Cannot get cgi to work

    Either should be fine as extensions, common issues are the fact its in PC format not unix - you would need to upload the files in text format not binary. Other things that can cause this error are incorrect paths to perl.
  18. bugfinder

    Getting Internal Server Error 500 in my adfree plan

    If you have a .htaccess file (you will need to be viewing hidden files in the cpanel file manager to see) if you do, try renaming it, if your site then works there is a setting something has put in that file which is incorrect. If you do not have this file and your files are .html/htm format...
  19. bugfinder

    Disk Space Inquiry

    Yes your quota covers databases and all files. Changing your php version does not change the amount of space you have. Only changing the free hosting type does that and you would have to go with ads if you wanted more space (unless you didnt need databases)
  20. bugfinder

    New User, Can't Access cPanel

    What do you see when you view ? and what ID did you try logging in with please be careful to use the one in the mail confirming the details. If you dont see the blue welcome page that will be why the logging in hasnt worked..