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  1. trebor

    best free html editor

    I recommend HTML KIT
  2. trebor


    I have this teacher he hates putting a password in any form out in a document out on the internet... his solution to everything is a password field... I want to make content available freely that would be generated from a database for a final project... He wants a password fielded... I want to...
  3. trebor

    What are you listening to?

    Dave Dalsveen... Xml with AJAX classs
  4. trebor

    PHP or Java Script?

    blend the to of them and call it awesome... I'm a fan of AJAX...
  5. trebor

    Best Quote

    "Cause the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes. The house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet and you bet big, then you take the house." Not sure why but I seem to always come back to this quote...
  6. trebor

    required folders

    Hey I'm starting to get serious at working on my site and have a desire to clean out the junk already in there... Are there any folders that have to be in PUBLIC_HTML or can I just go delete almost everything? I looked around but couldn't seem to find a pre-existing answer...
  7. trebor

    the Increasingly Random Car

    My chaotically aligned... Its a ford Taurus wagon and it does some weird stuff... first I have a really fast right blinker... Its funny to watch... In order to turn on the main headlights I must turn the light knob to off, but this turns off the dash lights... If I turn on the dash lights the...
  8. trebor

    html/css/php problem

    Strange problem with my code listed below... in internet explorer it shows my ad but not the gray box to the left... in firefox I don't see the ad (adblock plus I believe catches it) but I see the grey box to the left whats up? note: I'm misnamed this topic sorry... <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC...
  9. trebor

    linking problem

    I've followed the instructions in the thread on linking my site to my forum account and no results... Anything I need to worry about? Just checking...
  10. trebor

    linking forum to account

    I've looked all over and seen conflicting information... Does your system automatically link your forum account with your website account on website creation?
  11. trebor

    Site activation

    I signed up late Thursday night was confirmed by Friday afternoon, but couldn't get into my cpanel (I am to understand that this is normal), Sunday I tried to login and found i could no longer even log into the Account Management area. I tried again three more times with the same results over a...
  12. trebor

    id vs class

    Had a big discussion about this today in one of the classes I attend. When using CSS is there a specific standard for when you use class vs id? I have always tended to use more classes than ids but thats could just be me... The concensus of the class was that it didn't matter, but I'm...
  13. trebor

    Ello Salute

    Well I'm new.. I'm a programming student that basically is experimenting with various website things... so yeah...