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    Member Script?

    Is there a script to put on the website for members to log in and see their own stats?
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    I bought Pocket Chef on sale for my Iphone. It is a great addition with the game Cooking Mama. Pocket Chef is the first 3D cooking game. Yes, the first. Plus I learn how to cook in real life because the recipes are real also.
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    Kids Like Porn.

    Although this is common in the 21st century, many security software companies offered free or paid service to monitor your child. Also, your internet provider provides you with parental controls. This is such an interesting topic I wonder the random question "What color is the sky?" relates to...
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    The Sims 3!

    i was really interested in playing this game, but I wondered about why I played it. In the end, I realized that it was truly a waste of time and must focus on my studies to include the overall life that is described in this game. Ratings: Teen - Do not play. Waste of time. But helpful learning...
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    MAC vs Windows vs Linux For Students

    In the changing environment, many students tend to go cheap or with style. I personally would use Windows, but as you know Microsoft has gradually fallen below Apple. I remember in elementary when I was using Mac, but then high school began using Windows. It really matter what your school aims...
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    Please, review my Web site

    Excellent job so far. Here are my suggestions though: -Includes breadcrumbs/sitemap -Shopping cart for buying your plans -Bronze is spelled wrong: "We have 3 main web service plans – BROZE, SILVER and GOLD." -Most of the pages of yours have spelling mistakes. I would...
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    Rate The person above you

    2/10 for at least trying to laugh
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    Would you play a text based game?

    I would like to played a text-based game although the database should be similar to Cybernations or Nationstates unless you aiming for something different. BTW I thought you can't host your own text-based game on this x10hosting.
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    hello I am new here spisode:2

    Welcome to the forums! I would like to see the website you created. Could you provided me the link to your website? Thanks.
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    I am glad to be here and proud to be a new member of x10 hosting! How does your website fared?