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  1. ken.gervais89

    Website down

    Not sure if you found the problem and were able to fix it yourself, but it works fine for me as well.
  2. ken.gervais89

    Site isn't active.

    I tried the link in Firefox, Chrome and Edge on my Windows 10 laptop and get the same message that longbich is getting. I've attached a resized screenshot (75% of the original) to show what I see... So it would appear that the site isn't as active as some might think. Could be a glitch...
  3. ken.gervais89

    The Story Game

    Agreed.... So to all our fellow forum members, if you're up for a wee bit of a challenge, why not add your name to this thread. Who knows, your taking part in this little story game, doing so might help you to not forget to log in... Besides, you actually could end up enjoying it. Remember...
  4. ken.gervais89

    The Story Game

    Story games are best when many people are participating. That way there's more variety and cohesion (or balance) in the story lines... It's a bit sad that the forum is mostly members that come to do their regular logins... Sadder still, the member that started the thread hasn't returned to take...
  5. ken.gervais89

    The Story Game

    exploded and died (end)
  6. ken.gervais89

    The Story Game

    approaching evil empire
  7. ken.gervais89

    The Story Game

    and mystical powers
  8. ken.gervais89

    The Story Game

    a knight awakens
  9. ken.gervais89

    How to get affidavit form?

    I don't have a clue if you can use affidavit forms here. One of the many more experienced member will have to help you with that... Personally, I would assume that if it's saved as a PDF, that you could link to it via your website. If you want more choices as to the types of affidavits you...
  10. ken.gervais89

    Question regarding usernames

    I've noticed that most users have, just that, proper usernames. Unlike mine, which I'm guessing was taken from my email address. When I joined in 2011, no option to choose a username ever appeared anywhere. My question is this, why in my case, was I not given the opportunity to select my...
  11. ken.gervais89

    "An Error Was Encountered" Message when logging in to Cpanel

    I've seen that same error message. What I do is go back to the login page and click Sign In a second time, and it takes me to the page I expect to see when clicking Sign In. I don't got a clue what's causing the glitch, but my little work around works and I can't complain. BTW, I've noticed...
  12. ken.gervais89

    What are your favorite editors for development? (I.D.E.'s etc)

    Very good advice from essellar, and he's dead on in that WYSIWYG html editors are crap. You should run from freeware crap like WebDwarf, Kompozer and RocketCake (even though I've never actually tried RocketCake) and the shareware WYSIWYG editors aren't much better. That said, I have to admit...
  13. ken.gervais89

    Unable to add custom favicon to site

    Both esseller and bdistler gave you good options, but for me at least, I've gone the lazy way whenever if change my favicon. When I would load the page to check the new one, the old one would still show. So I gave CTRL-F5 option a try and my favicon change showed up immediately. Now whenever I...
  14. ken.gervais89

    Createch London Creative Agency

    I cant send you a screenshot, because your site is working great now. As you said, it was very likely a tiny glitch. I wonder what would the Net be like without all the tiny glitches that are part of it. Technology, the more we know, the more swear words we learn...
  15. ken.gervais89

    Createch London Creative Agency

    After my first attempt at loading your page, I had no clue what the others are seeing on your site, since for the first few tries (in Firefox), I got a fatal error message. For what it's worth, I got a "Select an installation profile" message in MSIE, Chrome and Opera. (when I tried reloading...
  16. ken.gervais89

    My personal site

    I don't think you could get more basic than how you have your main page setup. As a player who at one time was addicted to Rogue and rogue like games, I have to tell you, if the player cant survive or even defeat a rat, you need to change the attack/defense algorithms to help your character...
  17. ken.gervais89

    Review my site

    I meant that using a keyboard to play any game isn't always the best solution. The very first time I played Asteroids, it was with a joystick and didn't like the feel of the game that way so I shelved the game. Then a couple years ago I happened across a version that used the mouse to control...
  18. ken.gervais89

    Review my site

    I would suggest at least one screenshot if possible, and change the name, since I believe the name Asteroids is copyrighted and possibly trademarked. Change it to something like, MasterRoids, StarRoids or something of that nature. If you plan on creating more games, I would suggest creating a...
  19. ken.gervais89

    temporarily offline

    Personally, I would simply replace the main index page with a new page that states that your site is "Under Construction", or one that says, "In-house Maintenance In Progress". You can use a graphic (or graphics) if you like, or just plain text to let your visitors your site is down. A return...
  20. ken.gervais89

    Help choosing a registrar

    Thanks, I appreciate the 411...