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    Rounded corner Boxes in CSS

    YOu can also make a round corners for old browsers line ie6 using javascript libraries View:
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    Rounded corner Boxes in CSS

    Use the following code in CSS .element { border-radius:5px; -moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px; }
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    Smarty( Fatal error: require() [function.require] )

    Use this <?php $serverpath =$_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/"; // INITIATE SMARTY CLASS require($serverpath . "include/smarty/Smarty.class.php"); $smarty = new Smarty(); // ASSIGN SMARTY TEMPLATE DIRECTORY PATHS $smarty->template_dir = $serverpath . "templates"; $smarty->compile_dir =...
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    MS Access

    Yes. You already have all the tools you need if you are running entirely under Windows 9x/Me, or NT/2000, where you can use ODBC and Microsoft's ODBC drivers for Microsoft Access databases. If you are running PHP on a Unix box and want to talk to MS Access on...
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    I think it should be in tmp directory
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    Mod Rewrite Help

    use [L] after the ReWrite Condition. for more information visit this url
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    Redirect without meta tag

    Use javascripts for redirection. <script language="javascript"> window.location = "filename.html"; </script>
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    ajax problem

    Hi stop using old techniques. Use jQuery object and i am sure it will give you more benefit. jQuery site: jQuery ajax reference:
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    MySql Connection String

    you can connect to mysql server through ip address
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    website suspended....terminated

    open for unsuspension
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    &apos; Error

    use WYSIWYG Editor, Like FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc.
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    WordPress 2.7 Available for Download

    2.7 is not slower. it is faster than 2.6 . Slow speed if u are using shared server hosting.
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    session error

    brother remove the white spaces b4 session_start();
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    Please Help!

    Hi, Where my addon domains are gone? i m using for When i remount addon it's display an error assign to another user. Cpanel: mfurqan Please help me.:lockd:
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    [PHP] cut off 160 chars

    <?php $lengthover = strlen($message); if($lengthover > 160){ $messagepart_1 = substr($message, 0, 160); } echo $messagepart_1; ?>
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    problem with Fantastico

    here is an index file which run when you visit this site.
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    Please help over msn - mysql & php

    create a field in database name user_priv (int 1) and use 0 for users and 1 for admin. Create 2 session if user is admin than $_SESSION['is_admin'] = 1; $_SESSION['is_member'] = 1; and if user than $_SESSION['is_admin'] = 0; $_SESSION['is_member'] = 1; retrieve these session into admin and...
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    My designs

    Nice Template
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    How to call js function from php code

    Server side validation is more stronger than client side.
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    How to call js function from php code

    checkout this modified script <html> <head> <script type=text/javascript> function checkit(par1, para2){ if (par1=='del'){ alert ("Are you sure to delete. id:" +para2); } } </script> </head> <body> <form> <?php include_once("connect.php"); $result=sql_query("SELECT * FROM category")...