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  1. marley17

    how accurately does "google analytics" track your traffic?

    tittle explain it well .. also im assuming that all of us had excluded our IP's that generates hits and etc. Can you name what free softwares that you use that is good/better or the same as google analytics does?
  2. marley17

    what CMS does this site is using?

    Ever been to a beautiful website? wondered what content management they are using? are you tired of reading the source code to identify it? then check this out my friend
  3. marley17

    500 interval error

    getting this issue since x10 upgraded to cpanel 11.. now for 3days i kept my silence , try to wait for the issue to be fix by the admins but please take a look at the configuration in free hosting server cause its turns out to be a bug anymore.. im getting more error and cant edit my site...
  4. marley17

    x10hosting in action ...

    how much are you going to share if your credit points here is for real .. i mean its real money not credit. to the victims of haiti ?? ...:happysad::happysad::happysad:
  5. marley17

    are you bored?

    check this website if you want to make an the one im using now.. instruction on how to save it to pc.. just hit print screen ... open microsoft paint if using windows.. edit -->paste..then do the cropping.... :drool::drool::drool...
  6. marley17

    are you bored?

    sorry double posting.. please check the other one.. thanks
  7. marley17

    downloading youtube videos with the "OK" tag

    this is a simple step to download a youtube videos without using any other third party application or a any script. i found this around the net and without further a do. here is the link ...
  8. marley17

    funny popular sites...take a look
  9. marley17

    The truth about .tk

    i am posting this because i was so diasppointed.. my site is up and running with x10 free service hosting. i try the .tk because its there before came. so here i go created a new site and decided to use their service. to my surprise my domain was deleted this afternoon from the time of...
  10. marley17

    About SEO - good for getting organic traffic

    getting traffic is not that easy,making website is far more easier than to promote or market your sites.This post is related to learning it though theres no overnight or easy step towards it. to start with you can go to this link especially for newbees. 1...
  11. marley17

    please take a look

    the site is for 18+ individuals.. or not maybe.. i will not break any tos of x10hosting to make the site alive... but i need your comment.. thanks in advance :drool::drool:
  12. marley17

    have you seen this great tech?

    this is a photo of 2009 inauguration ; in which you can see the face of each individual in the crowd.. The picture was taken with a robotic camera at 1,474 megapixel. (295 times the standard 5 megapixel camera) you can scan double click zoom in the crowd...
  13. marley17

    come and rate me :D

    can u please review this one ? i am not a web developer but i try to play something using joomla i mean with the design and host it here. please rate it. thanks [edit] the site is not yet for public so no content yet. i would rather say comment on the...