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  1. bidzey75

    live streaming

    Hi, I can't believe I remembered by credentials to log on.... I already have a VPS account, and love it, I'll never want to go back to full blown shared hosting... my question... let's say I want to stream (live stream) a hockey game, but I'm not sure about the amount of audience, I do know it...
  2. bidzey75

    renewing account

    First I'd like to say I'm really enjoying my unmanaged VPS account. I'm learning a lot, and overall just a great service. While in my VPS control panel I noticed I don't see anything about the date when my account was activated. I know I still have lots of time left, but when time comes to renew...
  3. bidzey75

    postfix mail server

    I'm looking at the configuration for postfix email server trying to figure out why everything is working except for when I'm trying to send (SMTP) mail using a client. (mozilla thunderbird, outlook). I created a user on my VPS with an email address and all Web base emails works fine for...
  4. bidzey75

    VPS question

    I didn't want to post this is the support forum, because it's not really support, and the VPS forum states "Users with our VPS service can discuss it here." which I'm not. anyways... If I'm interested in VPS unmanaged It says that the OS in already installed, which in my case will be CENTOS...
  5. bidzey75

    linode ad

    The linode hosting company as got a banner on a ridiculous amount of Websites. I even find it here. That's odd, x10 is advertizing for the competition? or is it the same company? ...and when you click on it you leave this site and go there, instead of opening up a new window.
  6. bidzey75

    Holdem Poker clock / mp3 player/ movie player flash

    all XML driven XML Features customize content on home page customize Blinds for your own Poker Timer customize mp3 files for player customize movie clips instructions in the read me file inside the zip file included. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD
  7. bidzey75

    CSS template using intense images

    I didn't know if I should post this here or in tutorials. This covers a bit of both. But since I'm better at designing graphics then xhtml, I decided to post it here. If that wasn't the right choice.. that's why we got moderators. :redface: This template uses all background images. Sometime I...
  8. bidzey75

    Index of /

    I noticed that when the default index file is not in a folder the server shows the content of that folder. My suggestion is that the server should give a 403 page when the default page (index.html, index.htm, index.php, default.php etc...) is not present in the folder. I know in apache this is...
  9. bidzey75

    Hello, I'm new

    Hello X10 and community :smile: I openned up an account searching for a decent free hosting place for the school board I work for. I'm the Web programmer for this school board. Some teachers teach students the basic of html and how to create Websites but don't have the funds or not budgeted...