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    Create image in PHP

    Here, I created it myself:,29.msg38.html#new Enjoy!
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    Please don't ban me...

    Hi, Okay, I just got another 2 sub domains online, I am really sorry, but I have yet to implement the advertisements thru-out the site. Please give me a little more time... They are already "all over" my main domain... Please, -alfred
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    ad rotator

    Hi, I have been wondering. My frontpage has the advertisement needed for my account type. But my other pages don't. Can I put it on a rotator for the other pages (not front page- it is already there) or do I have to put it on all pages? Thanks, -Alfred
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    2 domains response

    Hi, I don't thinks I phrased the first one correctly, as your answer did not really answer what I wanted. I meant could I host two Top level domains from my account (i.e. and Thanks (especially for your fast response), -Alfred
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    2 domains

    Hi, Sorry, but have been unable to find another topic on this. Can I host two domains from my account? Thanks, -Alfred
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    Hi, From the IP that I am at right now, I cannot access my cpanel for my site. Can anybody help me please? The cPanel doesn't work (replace with mine, because it is not ready to go live, along with ftp upload issues) Thanks, -alfred