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    SpainPTC is a PTC. You can earn money by clicking ads and you also earn money for the people who you reffer. Its a honest a website, it's been paying for 2 years. You can register now with this link below:
  2. zurfyx31

    mail() in PHP

    (I would prefer a GM that knows the actual sitiation of the hosting "boru" to answer) Dear Sir/Madam, I have had this hosting for probably a month and I have had no problems since a create a website which a register form. When you finish filling the form it is supposed to send a validation...
  3. zurfyx31

    Cron Jobs

    Buenas tardes, Los CronJobs funcionan? Probé utilitzarlos ayer por la noche y aún no he recibido ningún email con los resultados de la cronjob. (revisé el email y todo estava bien) Gracias
  4. zurfyx31

    mail() PHP

    Borrar post, me equivoqué.
  5. zurfyx31

    Easy question about the ToS

    That's what the ToS of the free hosting says: But, I didn't understand it very well. Does it mean it allows having ads on the Website or not? Thanks
  6. zurfyx31

    PHP sending a mail

    I have a Website (in with a register form which sends a validation email to the person that has registered an account in order to validate his/her email. I've sent emails in other hostings with PHP and I recieved the email succesfully in my mailbox and I was only wondering how...
  7. zurfyx31

    New to x10Hosting

    As I said I am new to that community. I saw that free hosting in google while I was searching for free hosting in the Internet. I've just tried the services (10 min ago) and I think this is the best free and paid service I've ever seen. I hope it continues like that. Thanks :) PS: By the...