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    Is the illuminated server down?

    Can't get any of my sites of illuminated, and cPanel and FTP are down too - does the server need attention? TIA, David.
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    Can't log into cPanel

    Been trying to access cPanel by clicking the Log in button on the x10hosting front page and keep getting '500' internal server errors. Anyone know what's going on? TIA, David.
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    Is the illuminated server down?

    Hi, Can't access my sites on (e.g. or ping the server, and can't get cPanel or use FTP. Third party sites also report the server as down - could you please take a look? TIA, David.
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    [Illuminated] Can't access support site or get out of x10hosting Basic

    Hi, Tried out x10hosting basic, and am now stuck in a loop - trying to get back to cPanel x3 by selecting Switch theme--Switch to cPanel x3 but after about a minute I end up back at the login screen and then back in x10hosting basic every time. Can you help? Also when I try to access the...
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    Can't create a support ticket (Illuminated upgrade)

    Hi, I have an account with Illuminated upgrade and have been trying to create a support ticket but the submit button never works - it always stays in the editor screen and no ticket is created. Tried with new versions of Firefox and Safari. Could you please fix this? The problem I'm trying to...
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    Mail forwarding not happening - perhaps due to a 'phantom' account?

    Hi, Been having problems with unreliable redirection of mail for ( is hosted on I've set up various redirections to and these all redirect further to, but emails have been failing to arrive at the Gmail account...
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    Illuminated server seems to be down again - no site, cPanel or FTP

    Hi, Looks like the illuminated server isn't working again - I can't access either of my sites, or and have no access to cPanel or FTP. Think the server needs looking at again? TIA! David.
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    Sites and cPanel on illuminated are down

    Hi, I have two sites on illuminated - and - and can't connect to either of them. I also can't log in to cPanel or use FTP into either site. Could you please investigate? Think other users have been affected too. TIA! David.
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    Email via illuminated or absolut?

    I have two domains hosted with x10hosting and have purchased the Illuminated option. I can log into cPanel and webmail via or I can see webmail for the default email address at each domain, but for some reason I need to log into...
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    Help! My site's been rolled back 3 months

    Suddenly discovered that the last 3 months' work on my wife's web site has all been overwritten without my knowledge, and the site is now in the state it was at in July 2013. All the backups I've made since July have also disappeared. Can the site be restored to a more...
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    Please review

    Hi, Just finished working on (also aliased to and for my wife's sewing and dressmaking business - all feedback welcome! Some of the photos are still a work in progress but I hope to have demonstrated some of the...
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    'Request Timeout' error for Wordpress site

    Hope you can help! Trying to debug my Wordpress site (hosted on absolut) - at present I get Request Timeout This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase 'Connection Timeout'. As...