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    Welcome to!

    i am afraid .. are not you doing piracy out there? ebooks? :\
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    No moderators?? racists people here :S
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    Please review my website creation guide website

    look of website is good, a bit dark text as many have suggested will be good, but many of hyperlinks are broken .. please look into it :)
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    Oh.. sorry for misunderstanding ;) well google has no objection for placing text ads like that :) and those are not actually matching background completely .. i.e. you can still distinguish but those ads have more CTR , i feel , and banner ones :) Let's see ^_^ thanks :)
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    I have to put ads there bcoz it's only source from which i can get income and atleast renew domain :D :D :) anyways i am planning to remove all ads except adsense and infolinks .. I am trying to drive more traffic.. let's see. Actually i m targeting students etc. mostly india based , and US...
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    thank you so much ^_^
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    Guys please checkout my website and give suggestions /feedback for same. Thanks
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    Server Error

    I just set up my domain with x10hosting's name servers. After i try to visit it shows me Server Error Server Error There has been a server error. Please try again momentarily. If the issue persists, create a support ticket. please can u tell me what can be the...
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    Time to update the copyright! ^_^

    <?php echo '&copy'. Date('Y'); ?>
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    Login not working - Information not kept across pages?

    Use session global variable. Set up the session when user is authorised. for example $_SESSION['logged']=1 If successfully logged in. and then for LOG IN required pages just do if($_SESSION['logged']!=1) { header("location: login.php"); // IF USER IS NOT LOGGED REDIRECT HIM TO LOG IN PAGE }...
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    Is there a way to upload images only from 100x100pixels?

    Another thing you can do.. let image be of any size create it's thumbnail of size 100*100 and upload it ;)
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    Some Doubts Regarding .NET

    o_O alrite! thanks :D
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    Some Doubts Regarding .NET

    Hi, Does x10 hosting supports ASP.NET? during registration it's said so.! which database are supported? i think it's only MYSQL! so how are we supposed to connect to database? using ODBC drivers? Please reply soon! thanks!
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    gmail d best :)) :P
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I use UBUNTU+XP both.. but can't select both.. well most of the time on xp
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    Which is the best CMS script

    Joomla and wordpress are best Acc. to me.. they are most feasible and provide administrator lot of options and you can find ample of resources for both of them
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    meta description on each page?

    @mission.. Bro there are still many search engines which do use META Tag for their operation though those might be less in number.. but if you submit your website to those search engines also it would be helping you out. :) and having meta tags won't cause a problem! :)
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    Please check out my blogs and comment :) I would love to hear from you

    Mobile Blog general blog
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    how to increase PR of a blog?

    Hey guyz, can you help me out? I can't afford to pay some hundred bucks to get my PR increased. I want to know how did you increase your PR.. and how should I increase. Please help out. Thanks!
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    mysql UPDATE issues

    Alrite bro.. No problem :) . I just seen this so posted never mind :)