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    x13 Server

    My web site at will not open on the internet. I am on x10 server. I do not have any problems logging into DirectAdmin. I think I need an administrator to check into this problem, it has been ongoing for more than a week.
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    x13 Server

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    x13 Server

    Are there any problems with x13 Server? I have not been able to access my site, for the last few days. Wednesday. Waiting for a check on x13 server.
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    error login

    All help request & replies is made in English.
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    Free Disk Upgrade Request

    Keep in mind that you must have an active web site more than 7 days old and you must be abiding by the TOS found at the bottom of this page also.
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    where is directAdmin

    Go to "Helpful Links" at the bottom of the Forums page. Select "Account Control Panel" and sign in. This will take you to your dashboard. This is also where you must sign in every 30 days to keep your account active. Note that it is 30 days to sign in and not monthly.
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    Asking for more webspace

    You must have a valid web site that has been active for at least 7 days, use 75% of allotted space and adhere to the Terms of Service to be considered.
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    How can I start cPanel?

    Direct Admin is the only panel available.
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    Website Name Server Please

    When you log in to your account control panel your server will be shown on your Dashboard page.
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    Can I get more subdomains please?

    You will not get additional subdomains on the free account. I think on the premium account you are not as limited.
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    eletar dominio errado na digitação

    Request must be made in English.
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    Resolved Account suspended

    The instructions for what actions to take are posted just above your thread.
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    You must have a valid web site on-line, using 75% of present space and meeting Terms of Service.
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    Where can I manage my DNS information?

    Look under Account Management on the Dashboard.
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    cPanel won't open

    The "Sticky Notes" section is at the top of this page, just above "Normal Notes". Most are highlighted with yellow.
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    cPanel won't open

    Read the "Sticky Note" on this page concerning the issue.
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    back again

    Read the "Sticky Note" on this page concerning the present problem.
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    DA Password Guidelines

    What are the DA Guidelines for a password?
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    Can't access my C-Panel

    You are blacklisted due to too many attempts to log in.
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    cPanel won't open

    I'll join the throng that is unable to log in to cPanel. Server x13.