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    503 Service Unavailable

    Every time i edit my wordpress blog thats hosted in x10hosting, i get this error. Why is this happening?
  3. cheezo

    404 Not Found

    it was just fine yesterday but today i tried loggingin site is fine though but logging in is the problem
  4. cheezo

    wanna link exchange with jewelry blog/site

    any pr. if you wanna link exchange with jewelry blog/site,pm me. :D
  5. cheezo

    will odesk test help get an online job?

    i was trying to get a job in odesk lately. so i tried to take an exam such as wordpress and SEO i did pass on SEO yet failed in wordpress. its disappointing beucase thier wordpress test is still based on version 2.5. anyone tried exams and got a job?
  6. cheezo

    slave and master in hhd

    i have a harddrive which is in master, will my CDrom should be slave? not sure what i'm doing. should i let my cdrom be master since i wanna install using cd yet everytime i connect the cdrom to the ide cable, the computer won't boot. help me. what then must be my settings?
  7. cheezo

    if a computer boots with out a beep, what possibly is lacking to it?

    the computer works good however but sound don't work, how can i fix it?
  8. cheezo

    what do you think is wrong whymyspeakerdon work anymore?

    it usually work earlier? about 2days ago i was still watching youtube and i still hear sound but after about a day i stop hearing something. why is it so?
  9. cheezo

    besy way to promote your site is to submit articles in directories

    besy way to promote your site is to submit articles in directories such as and etc..
  10. cheezo

    how dyou get in to your ftp?

    i knew i have the username and the password but whats the host? not sure what to put there? can you set an example for me please.
  11. cheezo

    anyone here good in bash scripting?

    can you recommend me which pdf tutorial to download to learn good in it?
  12. cheezo

    is there someone who uses openshot here?

    really wanted to learn how to edit videos using openshot for my youtube advertising.. is there someone who uses openshot here? can't find relly good tutorials to it, anyone can give me a link to a good one that's step by step :D
  13. cheezo

    unsuspend my account.

    i haven't login in my CPANEL for about 2 months but its up until this time. and every months i'm in this forum continuously posting. And now i'm suspended because of system usage? please remember that the arcade site that i have isn't hosted here.
  14. cheezo

    database restore

    please restore my database in
  15. cheezo

    files missing

    am i suspended? has nothing installed in it but a wordpress site. how come the site uses lots of resources.? its the only site in my cpanel.. ---------- Post added at 03:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:29 AM ---------- the only site installed in my account...
  16. cheezo

    cant post in freehosting section

    i've always been in the forum every month and almost every week can any mod here please tell me why i don't have rights to post in freehosting section? and my site is a mess.. i can't even post a new thread as i have a permission issue. my database was deleted too.
  17. cheezo

    review my site :D if its up. its all about forex learning :D
  18. cheezo

    restore my

    restore my
  19. cheezo

    anyone wants to link exchange with forex site please?

    I've create my about 3months ago. if you have something like this. exchange links with me. :D
  20. cheezo

    how can i retrieve files i've accidentally deleted file manager?

    how can i retrieve files i've accidentally deleted in file manager?