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    help setting up script

    hello everybody. I've tried to setup a chat game script, and it wont work. install_guide.doc i've tried and tried to set it up it wont work. i've followed the guide completly, is it possible that the server doesnt allow sockets? if so please tell me. if someone can...
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    Rewritten PHP Includes tutorial

    PHP includes are an important part of PHP. With HTML sometimes it gets very annoying having to change everything if for example you change your layout, it can be very time consuming. PHP includes break down this process so that can have a header.php file and a footer.php file and these will...
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    Link Accounts?

    I've searched, and google searched, but I dont know how to do this? How do I link my hosting and forum account? :dunno:
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    My forum

    didnt know this was against the rules. :lockd: please
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    Is this okay?

    I wish to have a radio section for my site. I am aware that I am not allowed to host mp3s, but the script links to other sites hosting the mp3s. In its current form all it is is a flash file that loads an xml file...
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    Hi, my names XiRE, and I'm new here. I think I used to have an account here a long time ago, but i forgot/neglected it. Well anyways, thanks to FWS, I found this site again. Cheers!