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  1. vintage7

    How can I delete the account I have?

    For starters, X10 is the best for free hosting 10,000 thumbs up with no problems of the other free hosting site. I want to delete this account and start another one. thanks for your help.
  2. vintage7

    how to make the affialate banners responsive for 10hosting?

    I really didn't tired so I'm asking before I do try.
  3. vintage7

    Install wordpress then delete the files without uninstalling now it tells me

    The following errors were found : An installation already exists at as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation! I wanted it installed in the root and forgot to delete the wp directory I installed from my cpanel...
  4. vintage7

    Deleting files or having my account closed X10host rules

    Hello all, I didn't renew my domain name after 10+ years. I search the forum about resetting which there is no reset button. I did a backup so I don't care about thanks for the help
  5. vintage7

    How many domain names I can host with a 3 year premium plan

    How many domain names I can host with a 3 year premium plan? I did read a free domain every year but nothing about many I can host with the plan. My last hosting company was unlimited. Thanks for your time. Toytradeadman
  6. vintage7

    How do I know which mysql data base I'm using

    I created two data bases one I'm no longer using and what to delete that one I just can't figure out which one I'm using for One has the size of 23.84 MB and the other one is 68.90 MB so I'm guessing the large one is the one I'm using now but not sure...
  7. vintage7

    checkout my site I switch to wordpress

    I still have a lot of work but it's coming along and I have to say I love wordpress with all it's great features. I no longer have to make thumbnails plus I don't have to bounce from Dreamweaver to the browser. thanks for looking
  8. vintage7

    Deleting all files in public_html to install wordpress

    I started messing around with wordpress and want to delete all files in public_html to install wordpress which I started liking. My question is if I backup all my files in public_html where will wordpress be installed at and will that make it my main page after I install it. Here's is the url to...
  9. vintage7

    Revamping my web site having problems

    I haven't done anything with this site. it shows up in google search on the first page when I type in vintage toy advertisements and it's making money with the google adsense program (I'm making about $10.00 a month with the little pages I have up). I started...
  10. vintage7

    My web site header

    Almost finished with my new header. I want to add some more toys maybe a doll carriage, some building blocks etc not to many more don't want to make it look to heavy. I thinking about making the name smaller to make it look in the distance drawing the eye there. I did the work so I can upload...