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    Starka Domain Issue

    Hey, I went to add a parked domain on starka, and I got this error Error from hooks wrapper: Domain action was not successfully synchronized with Jackmunch. Array ( [0] => <pre>Array [1] => ( [2] => [0] => /jackmunch/bin/node-domain-action.php [3] => [1] => gothx [4] => [2] => park [5] => [3]...
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    Stoli down

    Stoli's been down for two hours. Just wanting to make sure this is because of the upgrades, and not something else.
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    500 Internal Error (Stoli)

    No changes were made on my site (, and now I recieve a 500 error. Any help here?
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    Full Server Lockup? (Stoli)

    At 1:09 this morning, I returned home from work to find that ALL services on the Stoli server were offline. Could this be caused by the same thing that's causing the Apache HTTP lockups? *edit* It's back up now, but the question remains, could the lockups be connected?
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    Just a quick question.

    I was hosted here before under the subdomain of Do I need to re-apply for hosting?
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    Stepping back to x10Hosting

    After a long while with no internet, I had to re-hunt down x10. I'm back after the excellent time I had being hosted with x10 in the past, and look forward to it again in the future.