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    Politics + Oil

    Democrats are retarded, they will not allow offshore and Alaskan drilling for oil... how much must us American's pay before they realize that prices are too hi??? Go John McCain 08
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    Hi! and HELP!!!

    Hi my name is Jackie and i am a senior at a high school in st.paul, mn and to graduate we have to do a project called the Senior Project. For part of mine i made a website for the swim teams at my schools to promote them more and i am required to try to recieve feedback on my site. It would be...
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    review my site please!!!

    my website is < > it would be great if u could help me out here. For me to graduate from highschool i have to do a thing called a "senior project" and i decided to make a website for the swim team at my school. if u have any suggestions to make it better please let...
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    suggestions and pics help

    if anyone has suggestions for my site please let me know. also i need some help on how to make my pictures load faster. the pictures take way too long and i have seen many complaints please help!!!
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    Pics Help!

    Does anyone know how to make the pictures on my site load faster they take a really LONG time and i would love to make it faster..... HELP PLEASE!!!
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    pics load slow

    How do I make my Pictures on my site load faster? They take FOREVER to load on most peoples computers the first time. Is there something I can do?
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    How do I get my site to show up on a search engine like Google?