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    Site Very Slow

    Hey, a few weeks ago i was using X10 hosting and my website would load up pretty quickly. For a week or two i took my site down, and i am just uploaded it again and it seems to load up the pages very slow, i dont know if this is a problem on my computer or servers. Is there anyways to make my...
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    Database Help!

    Hello,for the past few days i have been trying to fix my forum but have had no luck so hopefully i can fix it here. My problem first started when i deleted a table in my phpbb forum database... the table was called phpbb_users which contains all the user info. I tried to find out here if you...
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    Deleted main table from phpmyadmin

    Hello, i was wondering if free hosting had automatic backups as i accidently dropped a table in phpmyadmin and i messed up my whole forum. I dropped the table phpbb_users. So i wanted to know if you have a backup, or how could i make a new one (i know all the data would be lost) but i dont want...
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    GFX Tutorials

    I have a few gfx sig tutorials, where can i post these. Thanks
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    Join A Graphics Community 1000c+

    Hello, I am offering people credits in exchange for to join my forum. I am willing to give 50credits for joining up to the forums, introduce yourself, and post some of your graphics, if you dont do graphics just make two other posts. I am also offering 1000 credits to people who make 50...
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    Web Designer Needed PHP/Java/Flash $20+

    Hello all, I am in the process of creating a new company, for my company i am in need for a professional or an experienced person who know PHP, Java and flash well to make a new website from scratch. I would want the site to have the same functions as and i would...
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    Serious Job - Get Paid!

    Hi I have created a small site (which i will not give details yet), in which i need staff from all around the world. They must be able to to speak English and/or the local Language. This job will include alot time, in which we will have meetings and other things, you will need to spend at least...
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    [REQ][10+ POINTS]Post On A GFX Forum

    Hi, i have recently created a new gfx forum, and i need to get it active, i am looking for people to post and make new threads. Sign up - 10 Credits Post - 5 Credits Post a tutorial, stock pack ect - 25 credits Rules: 1. Post must more then 5 words long 2. Do not spam 3. Go by the...
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    Explizit GFX

    I have recently created a new GFX community, which has many features which other sites do on have, such as sig league and motm and much more. We also offer free hosting for those who can collect enough points off our website! Explizit GFX is open to everyone who is interested in graphic...
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    For All GFX Designers!!

    Come Check This Thread Out If You Are Interested In GFX Design! Thanks
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    Explizit GFX

    Explizit GFX Is A New GFX Designing Website, We Have Many Resource's For Beginners Up To Pros Like Tutorials, PSDs And Much More! We Also Are Starting Up Many Competitions, In Which Prizes Can Be Won, And We Offer Hosting Through Our Points And Store System! So Come And Join Us At...
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    GFX-Cage Looking For Staff

    Hi, I am looking for people who are interested in being, staff for my GFX designing website, i currently have a domain which is I am looking for Admin Mods SOTW Staff PM me if you are interested, and i can talk more about this. Thanks
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    Advertise My Site - 10 Credits + Cash

    I kinda took this idea from sohailamir52 and then changed it abit. All you gota do is: 1. Sign up to, The Fbay 2. Read this topic, which tells you how you can earn cash 3. Go to your profile and find you referral link 4. Put this image into your sig...
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    Selling A Domain

    Im going to bid off a domain, the domain is www[dot]gfx-cage[dot]com, i no longer want this domain because i no longer would like to own a gfx website. The bidding will start at 1000 Credits
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    Free Cash, Rapidshare, Domains, and more!

    FBay - Free Cash ot your PayPal, Domains, Rapidshare, Megaupload, and more! Watch our Promo Video What is FBay and how does it work? Welcome to FBay. Here we have set up a community determined to make you money and get free stuff. Our goal is...
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    New GFX comminity!

    Hi all i have recently made a new gfx site called GFX-Cage, for a more detailed post go to :D thanks
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    GFX-Cage Is Back!

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    For every user that joins i am giving the 10 credits, i am giving such a little amount because once you have joined up to Fbay, you can get many things for free! Enjoy this offer while it lasts!
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    Some HTML Help Please?

    Hi, i have recently created a website and i have noticed the site is not centered :( how can i center the site for all screens? is there any code?
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    Fbay Needs Staff!

    Hi, I am looking for people to work at Fbay. Fbay is a forum where people can do offers to receive points, with these points they would be able to order things of Fbay like hosting, domains, games ect. Working at Fbay requires for you to have many things like: 1. Dedication – You must have at...