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    For everyone who got problems with database/mysql etc

    Hello guys, i saw much people having trouble with database/mysql/phpmyadmin etc somthing has changed: :O:O:O scary lol w/e, lets go further in the configuration files from your forum, game or whatever, you find: where to find the database. mostly thats localhost, but since something changed...
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    the name of the game O_O

    hey i bought a game somewhere and editted it to a war game with tanks and artillery and w/e :) now i'm looking for a name for the game.:lockd: i hope you guys know something. some details of the game: you have a kingdom where you can make an army to attack other kingdoms. its something a...
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    question about cronjobs

    hello guys :) i want to make a cronjob for every 10 minutes i want to run then: edit: i also try to put this there...
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    site not reachable (i need admin answer)

    Hello all :) when i open my site: in the beginning, the message came from apache (althought i had uploaded my new site to the ftp server and deleted the old site) but now when i acces my site, its loading a while and then "the page you requested cannot be...
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    problem with getting site online

    hello all :D i uploaded my site: but when i conect to there it just give the apache blahblahblah message i uploaded my site in the public_html directory on the ftp server thanx in advantage