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    Most Beautiful blog

    I like it, some very nice content with the photos. I don't know if the text in the header is meant to be cut off top and bottom but I think it would be better if it wasn't. Other than that, it is beautiful.
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    Account Upgrades

    Yeah, I think I may have just figured that out, I tried creating a new account instead of logging in with a current one when I got to that stage and the order has gone through, I just hope the system knows to apply the upgrade to my account now!
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    Account Upgrades

    Yes that's correct, I am inputting that e-mail address and it's still not working.
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    This is a really great offer, I used it before and yesterday got another free domain just by signing up with different details, thanks for pointing this out.
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    how can i buy the name.?

    Hmmm, a very vague question/request, I assume you mean a domain name. You can buy those from many different places, a great option is suggested here to get your domain for free.
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    Account Upgrades

    I would like to double my hosting space so I went to the upgrades page and chose the relevant option. The order goes fine until I'm asked to sign in to my account, I enter the e-mail I registered with and it is unrecognized, then I tried for a password reminder, but when I enter my e-mail for...
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    Embedding RSS Feeds with PHP.

    Thanks for your help and thanks for clarifying where my problem lies. I will try your code as soon as I get back to my other PC. Edit: Tried it and it works great, thanks once again. Just trying to figure out how to format the imported feed now, I tried pasting the link from the rssfeedreader...
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    Embedding RSS Feeds with PHP.

    I have been trying to embed RSS feeds on my site with PHP so it is readable by search engines. I use to get the codes, it gives javascript and php scripts. The javascript works fine but when I try the php script I just get a blank space on my page where the feed should...
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    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    I got CS3 just for Photoshop and knew nothing about Dreamweaver atall, however, a google search for anything I wanted to learn returned free video tutorials from all over the place. So I would suggest you google any terms you don't understand and just do as many video tutorials as you have time for.