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    database connection error

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled wordpress a few times in the past couple days and I keep having the same problem. When I go to my site ( I see "Error establishing a database connection" and if I go to the install.php url for the site I get this message Error...
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    account linking help!

    I'm trying to enter my cPanel username so that I can link the accounts like it says I need to do in order to get to my account panel and when I do I get a message that reads "The hosting username you specified does not exist." I'm 99% sure that I'm entering the correct cPanel username...
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    is this off topic?

    Maybe it isn't since it has to do with X10. But why was I suspended and have to make a pointless thread in the forums to get my account going again? I never go more than a few days without logging into my cPanel, x10 account or ftp account for my site so I'm confused. And because they are...