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    Just a quick note to the X10 support team. Me, and a few other people have said some pretty bad about X10 and everything over the past few weeks whilst getting frustrated with server migrations and I'd just like to say sorry, and invite other members to do the same. You are a great free hosting...
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    Migration - Despicable Service.

    My account was on absolut, now is on fris. I cant log in to cpanel I cant log in to webmail FTP does not work SMTP, POP3 and IMAP do not work I can not believe we have not received updates. Plus I made a major update to my site before cpanel went offline and I had not had time to back...
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    Cannot Access CPanel Or Webmail.

    My account is on the ABSOLUT server and I understand maintenance is going on, I want to know if it is normal and when I will be able to acess it, thanks.
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    ABSOLUT Migration

    Cannot find how to delete post Cannot find how to delete post
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    New Plan Question.

    Question to support team. In the thread about the new plan, it was mentioned that there will be a footer added to the end of emails. I host my companies site on your hosting service and this would cause emails to look less professional. I have never abused your email system in any way and...
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    Cushy CMS

    I am trying to use Cushy CMS with my site but when I input my FTP details, I get the error "1 error prohibited this Site from being saved. User can not login" Can you help me with this. Thanks.
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    Account Recreation

    Hi could you please recreate my account or do something to enable me to set my domain ans the main domain, i have set it as a parked domain and then removed it but it still wont let me do it, thanks