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    Error Message: Account Is Not Pending E-Mail Confermation

    Error Message: Account Is Not Pending E-Mail Confirmation Indeed, I have the same problem. I'm an X10 user for quite a while. When I logged into my account today, I was informed that I had to confirm my email address. However, every time I try, it gives me the message " AN ERROR OCCURRED - The...
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    HangSMS - Hangman Texting Game

    Well, the site is One of those free Microsoft ones. Not much too it. Just wanted to know if anyone has anything to say about changing things, design, concept, or the like. Post here, or use the contact form on the site. Also, you can review the actual service by texting "hangman"...
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    Cell Phone Texting Hangman Game

    For all of you who love to text (and have a great texting plan) try hangsms. It's basically a free hangman text messaging game. For more info visit, or to just get started text "hangman" to 41411. Have Fun!;):drool: