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    I can't properly login to my account

    When I try to login to my account I'm asked to change my username and to change my personal domain. I already tried to do that some times for some months (probably 5) but I only get that registrations are disabled for my country. I'm already registered, so what gives? Did I do anything wrong...
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    Allow torrent files

    Do you permit having torrent files or having links to torrents in our websites or not? I'm asking this because the rules only state that you don't allow torrenting software (tracker or seedbox) in our website but nothing about the files themselves
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    Language restriction in premium hosting

    I have a friend who is looking for a place to host his site which is in Portuguese. He is willing to pay the premium fee but we cannot find if there's a language restriction in premium hosting or not. Could you please clarify that?
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    If bugzilla allowed?

    Is bugzilla allowed? I'm searching for a place to install bugzilla for a program I made which is freeware. Am I allowed to install bugzilla in x10hosting?
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    Cannot login to control panel

    I'm unable to login to my control panel (not Cpanel). It says that my username/password does not exist. I know the problem is not the password. (username:brunoais)
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    \"shadow table\" in mysql

    I have a table that a SELECT statement cannot find and a DROP command cannot identify and a CREATE TABLE command tells me that the table already exists. How can I recover the table contents or, if not possible, delete the table and start a new table to substitute that one?
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    Site taking too long to load sometimes

    My php program is, during 18-23h GMT (I only know about this time), taking too long to load and, sometimes, timing out. Does this have to do with the problem you had some days ago with the mysql server? Are you able to solve it?
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    Support not terminated

    I'd like you to terminate a support request made a while ago that was solved and not terminated. It is here:
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    Help simplifying a php script to lower server resources

    Ok I have this php text: There is already coding that start the db connection. There are already some variables defined Ok This code is completely functional but it uses a lot the mysql_query(). I'd like to ask for your assistance to help me reduce the server load without lowering the...
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    [php] Help with a parsing program

    hi, I'd like to make a code in order to search for keywords in a huge text. It works like this: I prompt for a big text from the user. the program must find the exact text: then a number between 0 and 20. after that there is a Also, the text may not exist, if that happens it just ignores it...
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    My computer isn't reading DVD's

    Hi I cannot make my computer to read DVD's. I insert the DVD and it doesn't detect it. It's a DVD +-RW/+-R DL drive. What may be wrong? It can read and burn CD's without any problems!
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    Why can't I sell stuff at my market?
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    FTP stoli not working/ can't retrive the server status

    I entered my account and this message appeared: "Error Loading: [Server Status] " Also there is this error in the page: "The server id '1' does not exist." It seems like there's a problem in this thing. _____________________________________________________ An other problem is that my ftp...
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    Pacience about the ads

    I have uploaded a new tool to my account but before I can add my ads I'll have to install it and without the apache I can't do it. So I'm making this warning so that I won't be suspended for it not having the ads
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    Change Cpanel username

    What do I need to do to change my Cpanel username? I'd like to have the same Cpanel username as the forum username so I'd like to change it. May you change it or I have to ask to cancel my account (after the backup) and make a new one (restoring)? Edit: My cpanelusername: brunoaia
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    Suspension date

    problem solved
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    E-mail warning when suspended

    Isn't it supposed to receive an e-mail warning when the account is suspended?
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    Geting a ticket (error)

    I can't create a ticket to the chat becaus I get this errorFatal error: sxMySQL error :: could not connect to database 'rpope904_hdesk' in /home/rpope904/public_html/irc/hdesk/lib/Classes/sx_mysql.class.php on line 146What should I do?
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    Portuguese laguage pack for vbolletin

    Where can I find a pt-pt free language pack for vbulletin?
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    Merging script

    I have a friend who has the vbolletinb and I think he'd like to have the automerging script this forum has, where can I find one copy of it?