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  1. gomarc

    Firewall exception request for ASIRRA

    Any chance of white-listing ASIRRA for ticket validation? Asirra is a human interactive proof (HIP) a friendly alternative to the CAPTCHA that asks users to identify photos of cats and dogs. The Asirra components are: 1 - A JavaScript client component that you add to your web page inside a...
  2. gomarc

    Destroy a website with Predator Weapons

    Hi All, I’ve found this way to ease my frustration against cPanel problems by "destroying" the domain panel with some cool Predator weapons: You can do the same at with any website. Have fun!
  3. gomarc

    Firefox users: Do you like the new Tab behavior in v 3.6?

    If you are a fan user of the Firefox browser, you may have notice that since version 3.6, when you open a new Tab from a link, they appear next to the current tab and not to the right of the last tab as it was up to version 3.5. The idea is to keep similar Tabs together and this poll is about...
  4. gomarc

    Forum Addict +500 Credit Bonus Pending

    Does anybody know if after joining a user group, like Forum Addict, the 500 Credit Bonus shows up in the Bank Accounts / Transaction Log? Sometime late October'09 I became a Forum Addict and I don’t recall receiving the credit bonus. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. gomarc

    About the new Experience plugin

    If you are like me, just curious about how the new Experience plugin works, how to earn points and just can’t wait for the official information, well this is what I was able to find so far. It’s not official, just some looking around and observations… The new plugin seems to be vBExperience 3.8...
  6. gomarc

    Is your R1Soft back?

    Mine started working again today. It’s great have this tool back. Thank you x10!
  7. gomarc

    HOM TO: compress and save your public_html folder

    Step-by-step Instructions 1 - Login to your cPanel 2 - Open File Manager 3 - Click on your /home/your_cpanel_name on the upper left 4 - Select the public_html file from the right side and click “Compress” 5 - The Compress window will open. Select your compression type (in this...
  8. gomarc

    Is the forum pop advertisement gone?

    It seems that the annoying pop advertisement over some keywords is gone. We all eventually learned to maneuver around them by not placing our mouse over the posted text... ever! But now, that’s part of the past. Our surfing experience will now be much more “relaxed” Thank you X10!
  9. gomarc

    I can’t delete a database

    Using MySQL Databases I can’t get rid of the database “marcxl5”. It may be a bug on cPanel referred on previous threads, since I don’t remember creating such database. Please delete it. Thank you much! ;)