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  1. theone48

    How do you create a good website?

    A good website... still have to figure that one out. There is just no simple all-in-one solution if you want to accomplish many things like me.
  2. theone48

    Blocked Ports Windows 7 Pro

    Windows 7 allows for running in other OS compatability modes, but that would have little bearing on ports. My thought was configuration and I see that's probably what it is since you have it running now. A freeware utility like CurrPorts can tell you what...
  3. theone48

    Free Hosting, Love it!

    You're welcome lol ;)
  4. theone48


    Welcome myprac11, You domain options depend on the type of account you have. For further information, you should try contacting live IRC chat (link below), they will fill you in on the details. Good Luck!
  5. theone48

    hello to all

    Welcome northe5!
  6. theone48

    How would you rate x10hosting and why?

    smallmot, support staff are usually busy keeping our services operative, but they're also there when needed for customer's important tech issues.
  7. theone48

    It's Worth It

    Welcome drtonyet, Alot of volunteers and skilled technicians work behind the scenes to keep our services maintained and functional, they'll be happy to know their results in the satisfied customer. Welcome Tony to x10, may you continue to have the best of success. :)
  8. theone48

    I just want to thank x10 hosting

    glad you like it market41, Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  9. theone48

    help please.... :)

    It can take up to 24 hours after signing up to activate your account when the servers are busy. To make sure your registration is fully processed, you should wait then log-in after 24 hrs. If you still experience difficulty, open a support ticket.
  10. theone48

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...maybe taste....

    Re: Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...maybe taste. ... inspired by anemone perhaps? (it's a creature of the sea...) Welcome to x10, interesting little bio you have there. However I don't think we offer any dating services that I know of, besides a nifty...
  11. theone48


    Hi Noreen, how's the temperature down south in Tampa? It's hot in north florida, I imagine it's hotter in your area. Makes me wish that tropical storm was still around, bringing cloudcover. Did'nt care much for lightning though. Anyways, welcome to x10! If you have any questions or need help...
  12. theone48

    Do you enjoy your job?

    ... many do wish as a matter of fact, Disney is a dependable place to work. with all due respect though, my opinion is the best job in the world is... no job. Job implies a routine, a routine implies >boring< in the social subconcious. Not that routines are'nt good (note to the wives...
  13. theone48

    I want to be an affiliate

    I don't see how we can affiliate with or beyond services anyways.
  14. theone48

    Can I get another domain ? I want a new one does not allow linked domains with x10 (or is it the other way around?). You can however use the redirect option, provided you redirect within 48 hours of signing up for the domain.
  15. theone48

    Backup feature in cpanel

    Smallmot, there is as you say, a way to backup by downloading the zip file to your drive. Corey is right, too much backup restricts server space for important stuff. Yours is an interesting suggestion however, one that deserves a follow-up: Perhaps a partnership with a backup storage...
  16. theone48

    Limited Conceptions Studios -- Artist Gallery(Public Portfolio?)Site

    Hi limicone. Interesting to see the different styles and ideas people can come up with in sitebuilding. Anyways, Welcome to x10!
  17. theone48

    Hellow! to all of you!

    Hi mbnovici, I hope so too :D Welcome to x10 and have a pleasant stay!
  18. theone48

    Hello All :D

    Hi dengorn, Welcome to x10 and our forums. Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to message in an appropriate forum thread or in our 24/7 volunteer staffed live irc chat. May you have a pleasant an informative experience, best of luck!
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    need help

    hi legacyse, if you're having problems, you can try opening a support ticket or asking a volunteer in live irc chat. Good luck!