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  1. theone48

    HIgh-Fives to the X10 IRC Support Team!

    A big thank you to stpvoice, for his concise help in recovering my account after several months away on literary assignment; and a hearty thanks to Sierra and Dead-i for their support. Again, the IRC Volunteers have proved their worth as an invaluable part of the great x10 Support Team. Keep up...
  2. theone48

    I Am Back

    *breathes the air in, letting the oxygen pervade every part of his being* Aaaaah! There's nothing like the crisp smell of forum in the morning.
  3. theone48

    Nick change letter limit

    This is in relation to a previous thread I spotted yesterday, where I suggested the letter limits for nick change be lowered. Apologies for bumping the thread, but as the issue featured prominently in my mind when I signed up in the forum, I had to relate. As the thread was closed, I've...
  4. theone48

    I am The One! We all are really.

    Wow! My status just changed. Come to think of it, several funny things have been happening today. descalzo finally accepted my friend invitation, I talked to Corey for the first time and the forum was unusually quiet, as if fellow volunteers were preparing for ceremony, strictly hush-hush. Back...
  5. theone48

    Internet Explorer and forum points.

    I have a question about Internet Explorer. Has anyone ever noticed a phenomena where the tabs change color from the normal green to purple to yellow? I've noticed this happen recently whenever I surf the x10 forums and it has me perplexed. I find it sort of freaky. I'm thinking, does it have...
  6. theone48

    Breaking Ground

    Officially breaking ground on my new website today. Been experimenting so far, hope it helps me out. Wish me luck!
  7. theone48

    The Next x10 Superstar!

    Okay, this is a publicity brainstorm. Remember during the recent hurricane Irene there was this thing going where people were putting Irene in movie titles? What things can you replace with x10? How would you best publicize x10? Post your innovative idea(s) here and vote for your favorites. No...
  8. theone48

    Question of the Day

    I'm making a goal to learn at least one thing about x10 every day. Whoever gives good answers will get a plus point on their rep, really good answers will get a Like! To start: If I change my username (which I understand I can do once only), will my forum status revert back to the beginning...
  9. theone48

    Dusting up

    I've heard some say it's better to have a domain before a site. Is this true or can I build a site and put it out there then get a domain? What's the difference? TO48
  10. theone48

    Head over heels

    This is a follow-up to my introductory post 'Dropping by to say Hello' in the introductions room. Hopefully this is the right room for this sort of topic; if not, I apologize. I'm in head over heels out of my element and I'm looking for the answer to a few questions. Maybe some of you...
  11. theone48

    Dropped by to say Hello...

    :smile: Hello, Newly joined here. Have tried other website building companies to little satisfaction. Hope this is what it promises to be. I've little knowledge of site-building and know even less about programming. Nonetheless, I'm positive about creating a magnificent site, hopefully from...