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    SpainPTC is a PTC. You can earn money by clicking ads and you also earn money for the people who you reffer. Its a honest a website, it's been paying for 2 years. You can register now with this link below:
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    Windows or Linux?

    If you want your programmes to be used in other PC it has to be an .exe Most normal people only use windows and probably they don't know what linux is.
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    what domin you like better or .tk

    I have my own. But .tk is better because if I am not wrong was banned from google. ---------- Post added at 06:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:44 AM ---------- I post the same comment as yours. I'll have to read the others comments next time.
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    Windows or Linux?

    I have the same problem. There's no way to program with visual studio in linux :D
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    Windows or Linux?

    I prefer linux because of the amount of things you can do with the console. I feel more hacker with it :P But what I use most is windows because its easier if you have to work with it. And also to programm exe is the most logic OS to use.
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    mail() in PHP

    (I would prefer a GM that knows the actual sitiation of the hosting "boru" to answer) Dear Sir/Madam, I have had this hosting for probably a month and I have had no problems since a create a website which a register form. When you finish filling the form it is supposed to send a validation...
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    Cron Jobs

    Buenas tardes, Los CronJobs funcionan? Probé utilitzarlos ayer por la noche y aún no he recibido ningún email con los resultados de la cronjob. (revisé el email y todo estava bien) Gracias
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    mail() PHP

    Borrar post, me equivoqué.
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    Easy question about the ToS

    Thanks, it's great then. PS: I am not English as you have seen
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    Easy question about the ToS

    That's what the ToS of the free hosting says: But, I didn't understand it very well. Does it mean it allows having ads on the Website or not? Thanks
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    Neobux is going from bad to worse. A few months before you could earn 4cents a day without referrals, now you can only earn 1cents. And as you say, the referrals which aren't direct are bots.
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    PHP sending a mail

    I have a Website (in with a register form which sends a validation email to the person that has registered an account in order to validate his/her email. I've sent emails in other hostings with PHP and I recieved the email succesfully in my mailbox and I was only wondering how...
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    En Donde Se Encuentra Mi Base De Datos ? ayuda

    No entendí muy bien tu pregunta... Creo que quieres preguntar en que dirección se aloja la base de datos Se aloja en localhost $host = localhost; //donde se ubica la base de datos $user = ; //tu username $password = ; // tu password $basededatos = //la base de datos que...
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    New to x10Hosting

    As I said I am new to that community. I saw that free hosting in google while I was searching for free hosting in the Internet. I've just tried the services (10 min ago) and I think this is the best free and paid service I've ever seen. I hope it continues like that. Thanks :) PS: By the...