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    Web Page Stil Suspended

    My website has been suspended even though I told it manually to unsuspend itself. My Account: jeffrios URL: Thank you!
  2. J

    Site does not exist (404)

    I have been getting the same error during this whole process. My URL: Username: jeffrios I cannot log in to cpanel or my ftp either. It seems like my whole account is missing. :dunno:
  3. J

    Site offline (Chopin)

    My URL: I am getting a 404 error. My page does not exist. I also cannot log in to cpanel with username: jeffrios (Login attempt failed) Thanks for your help :happysad:
  4. J

    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Anyone pre-order this game yet...or play the PC version Beta?
  5. J

    Awstats not updating?

    I've been away for sometime, sorry if I missed this being posted. My awstats for my website hasn't updated since sept 15th on my URL: Is this a global issue?
  6. J

    IP Blocked to view Stoli

    Hey X10, I know my site is online...but here is the problem. My IP address is blocked..and my entire region Ames, IA. Anyone with an IP starting with cannot view the content of Stoli. These IP's do not change as its under a University's Network. So what can I do besides using a IP...
  7. J

    "Under Construction Page"

    I had an idea, not sure if its possible, but when x10 is going through these upgrades would it be possible to make a page that people with accounts that are being upgraded/copied their URL would display a generic page saying something like: "X10 is undergoing maintenance, this site will be...
  8. J


    This is more like a long shot...Does anyone here play or have played Shogo? Its a FPS released in 1998. Mechs and Humans...Hopefully someone here does?
  9. J

    Orange Box Discussion

    So how does everyone like the orange box that came out last week? "Anyone want some Cake?" :biggrin: What did you guys think of the story for Episode 2...?
  10. J

    GameStop & Free Stuff!!!

    If you stop by one of your local GameStop shops they are currently giving away free posters, including: Unreal Tournament 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and more... Check it out if you get a chance!
  11. J

    Advertisement Code

    I'm having issues adding the ad "advanced" code to my website I'm trying to use this code: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> but when I put it on my site it refuses to become the hotlink which it needs to be. I am still using this other...
  12. J

    Ut 3

    Is anyone here excited for Unreal Tournament 3? Looks like its getting released later this year :biggrin:
  13. J

    Account Overview Idea

    If possible could we ad a link to our Cpanal page from our account overview page for convenience?
  14. J

    Advertisement Question

    I have an "advanced" account type. One quick question. If I were to create a framed page w/ 3 frames do I need to have the ad displayed on all of the frames or just on the main frame? :dunno:
  15. J

    Marquee Speed

    Just a random suggestion...Can we increase the speed of the text of the marquee at the top? I feel it would catch our eyes if the test was slightly faster.
  16. J

    Modify Account

    The modify account isn't working for my account. Also how much bandwidth per month does a advanced account get? And how much for a Corporate? Username: jeffrios Website:
  17. J

    Website Offline

    Its been a few days now that my site has been offline, I don't know why either. Here is my info: Cpanel Username: jeffrios Plan:x10Corporate Ads On Site: Yes URL:
  18. J

    Account Panel

    So when will we be able to goto our account panel to change our account settings?
  19. J

    Images not loading???

    Two days ago the images on my site haven't been appearing. And now they all don't appear. I have tried re-uploading my site. Any Suggestions. Username: jeffrios Subdomiain: Account Type: Advanced
  20. J

    Cpanal Login?

    Since out modify account panal went down for upgrades I have lost the link to log in to cpanal. Can someone please give me the link. Thanks :happysad: